Enrollment Resources is a North American leader in helping Career Colleges and Trade Schools increase enrollment using logical, easy-to-follow tools and systems to simplify the marketing and admissions processes and increase the odds of success.

Our purpose is to help wrench marketing away from guru’s, consultants, and media companies peddling the latest ‘big idea’, to give the good, hard-working people tasked with running schools factual, reproducible marketing systems that will improve their organizations and their lives, and in turn their students' lives. We work to grow organizations without burning out their people in the process.

To this end, we will:

  1. Only work with true and provable processes through research and testing
  2. Focus on teaching systems that build our clients’ knowledge so they can break-free of dependence on outside agents (including ourselves)
  3. Always tell the truth to a client, regardless of whether it serves our best interests

All of our programs are based on real-world strategies and tactics that have been proven to deliver results with actual clients. Here are some of our recent success stories:

   * We helped increase inquiries by 135% without having the school spending money to do so.  How? By readjusting advertising, and implementing no-cost tactics.
   * Without an ad budget we helped generate 500 qualified leads in ten months for a single campus in a market of 330,000 people.
   * Over eight months, on a budget of $1500 month, we accumulated 475 leads using tradeshows and referral channels, generating $1.2 million in projected tuition.
   * A recent advertising campaign increased inquiries by 40% for the client.
   * Emailed a “semi-warm” list – pulled 1% into a meet the instructors’ event. Of those who attended, 70% bought. Generated $42,000 in one day.
   * Through a recent admission sales course we taught, reps increased the show rate to school tours by 14%.
   * Took an IT program from near failure to capacity in just over 8 months by re- positioning the program and using small, ugly classified ads.
   * At a cost of $120/per, we created face-to-face calls between the VP of a University and CEO’s of 45 of the largest employers in Canada – average potential sale was $70,000.
   * A police school in Halifax generated over $250,000 in enrollments using just one of our small ads.
   * At a cost of $18,000 we generated over $400,000 worth of PR over 1 year…a 42:1 ROI.
   * Doubled the conversion of Internet leads by making a small adjustment.
   * With a media budget of $8,000 over 8 weeks, we generated 192 phone leads for a regional career college. Generating $160,000 in tuition revenue.