At Ensurity our goal and passion are making healthcare more bearable and available, by leveraging our group purchasing power to provide benefits that save our members time and money.

Ensurity Group Health (EGH) is not health insurance but rather a health and medical benefit "membership" program. As an EGH member, all physician consultations, medical services and other program features are included; you will never pay an additional fee for any included service and everyone is accepted regardless of past or current health conditions.

Need treatment for a common medical condition? As an Ensurity member, you can instantly connect with a board certified physician who will diagnose and treat your condition, issue a prescription if necessary and even call your prescription in to your local pharmacy…no matter what time it is or where you are. Members also have similar access to registered nurses and life events counselors for advice and consultations and enjoy extensive discounts on prescriptions, lab testing and imaging services … as well as coverage for serious accidents and many other benefits.