Enterworks® Enable is a Web-based suite of proven solutions designed to meet the challenges of product data management and communication in today’s multichannel environments.  Enable allows the enterprise to manage product data for use in marketing, sales, compliance, e-commerce, customer support, catalog publishing, and other applications. Enable accesses product information from multiple data sources, manages the information in a central repository with automated workflow, and leverages the information to multiple applications, media, and formats.  Enterworks Enable assures enterprises that all their product data is accurate and up-to-date, and lets them publish and share it with customers, partners, and staff.

Enterworks Enable offers several integrated, complementary capabilities:

PRODUCT INFORMATION MANAGEMENT (PIM) -- Enterworks Enable’s PIM capabilities utilize a unique, highly flexible data management architecture that empowers you to implement a central content repository. Information residing there is error-free, having been validated against your specific business rules.  The result is a consistent and accurate source of product information that supports the entire publishing life cycle, from new item introduction to retirement, while providing dynamic “feeds” of data for multichannel publishing and business applications.  

DIGITAL ASSET MANAGEMENT (DAM) -- Enable provides an enterprise DAM component that allows you to easily store, categorize, and manage unstructured content such as images, audio and video files as well as other documents related to products and product catalogs.  Enable also integrates with the leading commercially available DAM products if you would like to enhance your existing DAM with publishing and product information management capabilities.

AUTOMATED WORKFLOW -- Enterworks Enable offers an enterprise-class workflow engine not found in other content management or publishing solutions. Its features allow you to model best practices as they exist today and modify them as requirements change and to automate the interaction of people and systems.  Its simple drag-and-drop process builder tools let business and technical users collaborate to rapidly model even complex business processes. Its browser-based user interface allows participants both inside and outside the organization to take part in the process.  

MULTICHANNEL PUBLISHING -- Enterworks Enable automates and streamlines the process of gathering, managing, reviewing, preparing, and publishing content for print, Web, and electronic catalogs and other materials, performing all necessary functions to go from inception to proofing in a matter of hours or days versus weeks and months. Enable dynamically draws current product information from the PIM’s central repository of product information, so content is always reliable and up-to-date.  Plug-ins for QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign support the leading desktop publishing suites. Enable can also syndicate digital content and publications to partners, distributors, and others to support portal environments and distributed applications that require the most current product information.

ENABLE WEB CONTENT MANAGEMENT -- Enable Web Content Management makes it easy for users inside and outside the enterprise to manage, design, and publish content for portals, e-commerce Web sites, and e-catalogs.  Fully featured tools for content design and management ensure a consistent, professional appearance to online sales and marketing media. And a single source of accurate, timely product information ensures that content is always ready to publish.

ENABLE WEB-TO-PRINT PORTAL -- Enterworks Enable Web-to-Print Portal allows anyone to quickly and easily create print-ready brochures, flyers, catalogs, advertisements, rich-text e-mails, proposals, and other documents over a Web browser. Just log on and choose from a library of finished pieces and customizable templates. Add artwork, text, and other elements dynamically from the PIM or DAM to templates that meet corporate branding standards. When your artwork is ready, you can generate a draft PDF for review and to circulate among decision makers for approval, then output print-ready artwork for submission to your in-house publications department or a commercial offset printer.

THE ENABLE COMMERCE SUITE -- The Enterworks Enable Commerce Suite is a complete platform for businesses that want to increase sales opportunities and make it easier for customers, vendors, and suppliers to do business with them. The Enable Commerce Suite -- eSales, Drop-Ship, and Dealer Management -- is an integrated set of complementary systems that provides greater reliability, faster transactions, and self-service tools for account management and order tracking.  Enterworks improves your online business with more completed sales, fewer errors, reduced stockouts, and greater customer and partner satisfaction.