EnviroMajik is an Independent Business Owner and distributor of Vollara green technology products worldwide.  We specialize in green products that provide air purification, electric surge and voltage spike suppression plus power factor correction (both residential and commercial).  Additionally, we market the Vollara Living Water system which filters the potable water, re-mineralizes and ionizes the water to provide pH of 7.0 - 9.5 alkaline water for ingestion.  The ionization provides an ORP of -100 to -400 providing an excellent source of antioxidants for improved health.  Another product from Vollara is the LaundryPure which provides a means of washing clothes in cold water only without the need for detergents and fabric softeners which contain chemicals that remain in the clothing and get transferred to the skin, the largest organ of the human body.

We also market a product that installs in the attic space of homes and buildings and reflects the radiant heat of the sun before it can heat up the insulation in your attic and transfer that heat into the living space of the home or building.  This product, EnergyShield-AB, can reduce your heating and cooling costs by 20-40%.

All of the products we market are Made in America, designed to provide savings greater than their cost during the life of the product, improve the indoor environment of the home or other building and improve overall health and well-being.