Environmental Operating Solutions, Inc. provides innovative products for the purification of water. The company’s MicroC™ line of denitrification products target contaminant nitrogen at wastewater treatment facilities. There are currently three products under the MicroC™ Premium Carbon Sources umbrella. MicroCg™ and MicroCm™ are carbohydrate-based and MicroCglycerin™ is a crude glycerin-based product. EOS currently provides more than 300 wastewater treatment plants with a safer, more effective, and environmentally sustainable solution compared with methanol and other carbon sources.  In addition, EOS offers highly specialized technical expertise and support to help plant engineers and operators optimize the use of its denitrification products. EOS is also engaged in research and development efforts focused on bringing the next generation of specially engineered Premium Carbon Sources to the market. EOS was established in 2003 and is based in Bourne, Massachusetts.