THE Service, THE Selection, THE Savings, THE Customer Testimonials - IS WHAT MAKES THIS A GREAT COMPANY!

THE SERVICE - our customer service team has the training necessary to answer customer's questions and provide them with a "know how" knowledge from setting up an aquarium, selecting the right cage for the bird, pet odor control in the house, proper heating for the reptile cage and many others... We have brought that expertise to be available for our customers on the internet.

THE SELECTION - We are always listing new pet products that are for common everyday use and also that are very unique and different. Our seasonal items include pond products, dog sweaters, electric fences and many more. No two trips to our store will be the same -- always something new and unique available.

THE SAVINGS - With the buying power we are able to provide our customers with the best price, closeout/seasonal specials and savings on all pet supplies needs. We at Pet Products by Royal are always displaying new item arrivals and offering super savings. Just dont forget to sign up on our mailing list to hear about these new products, super sales and to receive special offers ONLY AVAILABLE to mailing list subscribers! Don't miss this opportunity for the super savings and a look at the new products arrivals.