epetsure™ began with the simple idea of wanting to find a way to secure our pet’s wellness and future, while helping other pet parents with their struggles in the pet healthcare industry. By providing easily accessible content and education, we offer pet parents the best and most up to date options in the growing market of pet insurance companies.

epetsure™ is not an insurance company. Founded by  three guys whose love for animals brought them  together. As pet parents ourselves, we know how hard it can be to trust strangers with our best furry friends. That’s why we think it’s important to have an independent third party, like epetsure™, to objectively walk pet parents through the process, answer questions, and believe in the quality instead of the quantity of service. Because pet insurance isn’t just about the pets, it’s about the ones we love, and we at epetsure™ not only know that, we live it, every day.