EPI is a company of European origin operating world-wide in over 50 countries through direct operations and a large partner network. EPI offers an extensive range of Data Centre services on consultancy, auditing, certification and training. EPI’s focus is on mission critical, high-availability environments. Established in 1987, EPI has developed an international reputation for delivering high quality technical expertise, with flexible and innovative solutions, techniques and methodologies.

Why work with EPI?

Obviously, many claim to be able to provide Data Centre consulting, training, audit and certication services. However, most are either Data Centre builders or are affiliated with Data Centre builders,Data Centre equipment suppliers and/or system integrators in order to leverage cross-selling opportunities. These market participants tend to market these services at (very) low cost. They
regard assessment exercises a ‘loss-leader’ which enables them to secure additional business later after having provided many “recommendations” for improvement. Such recommendations often involve the purchase of new equipment provided and/or manufactured by them.

Similarly there are more Data Centre training providers entering the market. A number of entrants don’t regard Data Centres as their core competency but nonetheless entered the market due to its potential for growth.

EPI is vendor neutral and totally independent. EPI is a member of a large variety of industry groups and standards committees. As a result we ensure that our customers receive the best information available in the market which is based on industry best practices and standards.

EPI stands out in many ways:

1.  Totally independent and not related or aliated with any Data Centre builder, construction company or equipment manufacturers therefore we are able to give totally objective and neutral advise and deliver truly vendor neutral consulting and training programs.

2.  We participate in workgroups which are responsible for the ANSI/TIA-942, BICSI-002, SS507 and ISO/IEC-24762 standards. We have intimate knowledge of these standards as we are involved in it.

3.  We have international experience all over the world and are therefore aware of both international as well as local norms and standards.

4.  We have a focus and in-depth knowledge of high-availability and mission critical Data Centres including new technologies and their impact on the Data Centre. We have an understanding of both ICT and facilities. We are able to integrate this understanding to the collective benefit of the Data Centre industry and our clients.

5.  We have very experienced staff. All have been involved in hundreds of Data Centre reviews ranging from small-sized to large-scale mission critical Data Centres on virtually every continent.

6.  EPI provides world-wide accredited certified Data Centre professional and IT manager training.  This demonstrates that we are at the leading edge of technology and are well recognized in the industry as the Data Centre experts! Through EXIN, our independent exam accreditation partner, impartiality in the certification of all course participants is ensured.

Service Offerings:

Certified Data Centre Training

- Data Centre Design & Build
    CDCP® – Certified Data Centre Professional
    CDCS® – Certified Data Centre Specialist
    CDCE® – Certified Data Centre Expert

- Data Centre Operations & Governance
    CDFOM® – Certified Data Centre Operations Manager
    CDRP® – Certified Data Centre Risk Professional
    CDMS® – Certified Data Centre Migration Specialist

- Data Centre Standards & Compliance (ANSI/TIA-942 etc.)
    CTDC® – Certified TIA-942 Design Consultant
    CTIA® – Certified TIA-942 Internal Auditor
    CTEA® – Certified TIA-942 External Auditor

Certied IT Management Training
    CITM® – Certified IT Manager
    CITD® – Certified IT Director

Data Centre Design Evaluation and Validation
(ANSI/TIA-942, BICSI-002, SS507, ISO/IEC-24762 etc.)
- Design Evaluation
- Design Validation
- Data Centre Review
- Customized Consultancy

Data Centre Assessment, Audit & Certification
- Data Centre Compliance Certification
- ANSI/TIA-942 Compliance Certification
- SS507 Compliance Certification
- ISO/IEC-24762 Compliance Certification
- Power Quality Audit
- Electro Magnetic Field Audit (IEC-61000, NCRP etc.)
- Data Centre Cooling Audit (ASHRAE)
- Thermo Scanning
- ISO/IEC-20000
- Customized Survey & Audits
- Security Management
    Physical Security
- Business Continuity
    Business Impact Analysis
- IT-Service Management