EPIC Monitoring, a company in Connecticut with offices in Arizona and Florida, offers global positioning system satellite tracking,(GPS), digital cellular & radio frequency,(RF), offender monitoring solutions for the governmental and private sectors. We are a full service case management and supervision provider, offering programs designed to fit within any budget. We offer complete turn key programs, equipment leases or purchases and system training.

EPIC  Monitoring is one of the  first to utilize the “offender pay” model, which makes implementing a monitoring program for small budgets a reality! EPIC Monitoring was also a pioneer in combining a secured bail bond married to a GPS monitoring unit for complete supervision, control and security. A recent study performed by the United States Department of Justice found that those placed under secured forms of release were much more likely to appear in court.

Currently monitoring clients from Connecticut and New York to North Carolina, Florida and Arizona, EPIC Monitoring is the only provider offering 24hour installation anywhere within the continental United States. EPIC Monitoring also offers solutions and monitoring to clients abroad as well. Countries like, Canada, the United Kingdom, Scotland, Iraq and Brazil among others, can take advantage of our cutting edge technology. EPIC Monitoring works with all courts, police & sheriff departments, correctional facilities, pre-trial agencies, victim advocacy groups, government organizations, private corporations, and even concerned parents! Unlike other providers, EPIC Monitoring only charges for actual monitoring days for each unit, not predetermined slots. What does this mean? No over budget problems!

We believe that every agency and/or department should be able to take advantage of this technology. We are positive we can work within your guidelines and budgets. Contact us!

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