Ever had trouble getting motivated for a run? No longer...

Imagine a post-apocalyptic world, after a pandemic virus has left only few people alive. You are an agent of a secret government trying to save what's left of humanity. You'll get (audio) missions, mixed in with your music playlist, based on your GPS, while your running statistics are displayed.

Epic Run App is a GPS tracker for your phone. You can track runs and share them online, but it also uses your GPS to give you audio instructions and it creates an engaging story around your run. It sends you on a journey to save the world. You will be chased. You will have to avoid danger. You will have to run…


This is a revolutionary app in many ways. It started out as a hobby project, but soon people gathered around me and we formed a team that could actually do amazing things.

I am a PhD researcher, I work with computer algorithms and music. Being involved with audio every day and going out for a run in the evening, I got the idea to combine both and create this audio adventure.
I have been dreaming of building this app for about a year until finally I just started doing it. As by wonder, I found a group of people interested and willing to help me do it. A great writer, an audio actor, a graphic-talent and a programming wiz crossed my path at about the same time. It's seemed like the Universe thought the time was right for Epic Run to be born.
Besides my passion for music and audio. I love sports and I always seem to want to take them to the extreme (kind of like I did with Epic Run!). I am very much into running, bouldering (a type of technical climbing without ropes), but I am also a rescue diver, I drove drove my motorcycle alone to Italy and I climbed a vulcano in Indonesia! Who know what crazy things will happen in Epic Run! It's a whole new concept!

To finish the code/design/audio/script we need your help! Your donation could help millions of runners enjoy their run and thus help keep their bodies healthy! Starting with you! Let's taking the boring out of running.