EPIC Translations is a language services provider with global connections offering translators and linguistic experts in 180 languages for organizations wanting to expand their global market share. We service many specialties including automotive, manufacturing, technology, legal, finance, and healthcare industries.

To excel in the current global economy, you cannot stop growing with the intention of going global.

However, going global requires expert level language services in order to not only operate globally, but also to increase your global market share and to stay a few steps ahead of your competitors. EPIC Translations is not only qualified in propelling your company to the next level, but also equipping you with our global resources to make your company vision a reality.

When you need native sounding content fused with contextually correct documents created, there is NO ONE better than EPIC Translations. We are ready to assist on end-to-end content creation solutions that focus on aligning appropriate linguistic resources with your specific needs, as well as work-flow that is created specifically to match your requirements which results in the most efficient use of our global resources.

Our proven content creation process enables you to stay a few steps ahead of your competitors in cost, quality, and time to market by maximizing our global resources.

Our strategies include:

● Company specific content creation for localization for all areas of your business: technical, marketing, legal, and sales.
● Translate & Localize content, graphics, and software utilizing proprietary quality driven work-flow.
● Generate and maintain client specific translation memory (TM) in order to ensure
consistency and reduce future translation and localization costs.
● Manage each project effectively to provide quality based translation & localization in order to speed time to market.
● Sourcing multilingual talent for software and website testing.

EPIC Translations enables you to:

● Real time access into all of your projects via EPS.
● Work with a single point of contact at EPIC Translations to optimize workflow
● Centralize administrative tasks by using EPS.
● Manage multiple relationships with departments, vendors, and other resources efficiently

Why EPIC Translations?

Why should you choose EPIC Translations for your translation & localization project? Because we consistently offer the best mix of qualified human translators, fast turnarounds, reduced costs, and personalized work to best fit your needs.
Our clients tell us they can rely on us for document translation, website localization, and software localization projects combined with quick responses and a superior ability to shift project gears mid-way through the project. They appreciate our ability to consistently meet quick turnarounds, budget and timeline constraints as
well as our superior global reach (21,500 translators in every country in the world) and access to linguistic talent for their specific industry. They trust our quality, reliability, and integrity because they know we deliver outcomes that matter.

Our global presence

EPIC Translations offers relentless ingenuity and reliable quality by engaging:
● A core team of experienced project managers, engineers, and creative specialists
● Our uniquely qualified network of in-country linguists, ensuring consistent quality and extreme flexibility
● Global resource capabilities, with access to more than 21,500 linguists specializing in the 7 industries we support

The EPIC Translations team is uniquely qualified to be your language services provider, because we offer a strong global presence backed by local expertise. Our clients rely on us to introduce new products and services in multiple countries, localizing their websites and software, and desktop publishing for their engineering

We at EPIC Translations look forward to working together.