Since 1993, company co-founders, Phyllis and Greg Sprout, have operated their own gourmet & specialty food company, epicureanfoods.com.  They offer a wide selection of "hard-to-find" gourmet and specialty foods, sourced from around the globe, to their wholesale and retail customers across North America via their website, www.epicureanfoods.com.  While they are very proud of the collection of fine foods that they have assembled, they believe that gourmet food should not be intimidating, but rather, fun and definitely very enjoyable!  Their product selections (which include upscale items such as oils, vinegars, sauces, cookies, teas, soup mixes, chocolates, truffles, pastas and olives) also includes many "fun & funky" items such as cocktail mixes, hot chocolates, summertime beverages and snack mixes.  They have an extensive selection of gift baskets that are appropriate for any occasion.  As well, they have an ever-expanding selection of gluten-free, organic, kosher, vegan and sugar-free foods to appeal to those with special dietary needs.  In short, they love fine foods and sharing their passion for them!