An online market for weaner pigs, feeder pigs and facilities. ePigflow facilitates the sale of weaner and feeder pigs and helps producers and contract growers maximize the use of their facility spaces. ePigflow provides sellers and buyers of pigs a new way to conduct transactions, allowing producers to work directly with each other under an organized system that has built in protections for both the buyer and the seller. Sellers can create a listing for the pigs they would like to sell, buyers view listings and can contact the seller for additional information, then buyers place offers online to the sellers. Once a seller accepts an offer ePigflow facilitates the transaction by holding the sale proceeds in the buyers name in an escrow account until the pigs are shipped and the buyer and seller have both agreed to the grading/discount sheet. Discount sheets are completed and submitted online in an organized system facilitated by ePigflow.
Users can also create and view listings for facility spaces and for pigs available for sale under a long term contract. You can find more information at www.epigflow.com.