Our mission is to advance new therapies for people living with epilepsy.
More than a third of the 3 million epilepsy patients in the United States have persistent seizures using existing therapies. Many others tolerate serious side effects, including diminished cognition, as a price for seizure control. New therapies introduced over the last decade offer fewer side effects but have done little to bring effective seizure control to the significant population living with active and uncontrolled epilepsy. Despite this serious unmet medical need, research funding for epilepsy is scarce and existing philanthropic support limited. Further, many major pharmaceutical companies have scaled back epilepsy development programs. As a result, successful lab research and new findings are rarely translated into new epilepsy therapy.

The Epilepsy Therapy Project exists to overcome the barriers to successful translation of promising new research insights and to make new therapies a reality for patients. We provide financial support and and scientific and business direction to promising new therapies, and we invest in programs and platforms that can take time and costs out of new therapy development. Our key ongoing programs include support of the leading community websites epilepsy.com and epilepsy.com/Professionals, of the Epilepsy Study Consortium (www.epilepsyconsortium.org) and of meetings including the two major international conferences on epilepsy therapy development.

We are working diligently to make a difference, but only your support will enable us to provide the significant funding needed to make new therapies for those with epilepsy a reality.