Patent Portfolio

ePIPE® is protected under US patents #7160574, #7517409, #7858149, #8033242#8206783, #8343579, and #8354140; an ongoing international portfolio of improvements.







ePIPE® Lead Line Remediation

In December 2013, the EU will adopt the new World Health Organization (WHO) quality standard for lead in drinking water of 10 μg/l (ppb).  Canada also follows the 10 μg/l (ppb) limit.  The USEPA has adopted guidelines with a quality standard for lead in drinking water set at 15 μg/l.

ePIPE® has been engineered as an effective long term solution for preventing lead leaching into the drinking water supply from inline lead components such as lead pipes and fittings containing lead.

The ePIPE® solution focuses on a 2 hour cured in-place lining that is placed onsite, inside lead pipes and fittings.

ePIPE®  has gained approval from the UK Secretary of State under Regulation 31 of the Water Supply (Water Quality).

For more information on ePIPE® Lead-Free, Leak-Free™ Pipe Protection, click here.


2 Hour Return to Service

UK-WRAS and UK Secretary of State Approval.  We are now in process on approvals in the United States and other countries for the new generation of faster return to service lining products.  A 2 hour service return is a breakthrough in the in-place restoration of small diameter drinking water pipes.


US Department of Defense Contributions/Acceptance

ePIPE is part of the DoD solution for combatting corrosion, leaking pipes and lead leaching.

Corrosion of military equipment and infrastructure costs approximately $20 billion every year, and the DoD is looking for new solutions for personnel who procure, use, and maintain military material, equipment, and facilties/infrastructure.

ePIPE has proudly restored piping systems for the US Navy, the Army Corp of Engineers and other branches of military.