Epitiro provides network intelligence on IP Quality of Service (QoS) and subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE) through measurement and analysis of broadband, voice and video services.

Using bespoke technology to actively test fixed and wireless networks 24x7x365 in over 170 countries, we are the leading provider of ‘customer experience’ network performance intelligence for broadband service providers and government regulators.

Our real-time ‘customer experience’ network intelligence is essential for ISPs and mobile network operators for optimising network performance, managing capacity spend and swiftly addressing customer-affecting faults. Epitiro also provides competitor analysis performance data so operators can fully understand how they perform against their peers.

Government Regulators benefit from Epitiro’s analytical services to understand the state of national broadband performance geographically or by other parameter such as time of day, KPI, access technology or service provider.

Through a unique managed service approach that includes full solution design and installation, customer experience measurement, data analysis, advisory services and report writing, Epitiro is proud to name some of the world’s leading service operators and regulators as clients.

for more information, visit www.epitiro.com