Emerging and Established, High-Tech To Haute Couture

Since 1997 Eponimo has pushed excellence into every client relationship and every project that we have had the privilege of partnering on. Our founding was rooted in a desire to work with companies that appreciated a strong balance of form and function, wrapped around an extremely organized project management process. This resulted in consistent and effective global delivery of cultural and commercial communications for governments, high profile companies and major public institutions. 


Eponimo is an integrated communications consultancy, delivering vertical and horizontal brand and marketing strategies, creative services and media platform development. We work in three core areas, cross cultural marketing, media platform development and creative communications. We define and position brand communications, develop media events and aggregate cultural identity. We also develop and implement advanced communication strategies to take brands to international markets. 


Eponimo plays an active role in key sectors of client growth through representation and development in major trade shows and important big events which create great hubs of export activity and help with ‘critical mass’ of clients, distributors and direct linking with important professionals, including: press contacts and public relations; distribution and wholesale; materials suppliers; materials manufacturers; finance and investment firms and; professional organisations. 


We offer our clients an integrated program of business development services including:

  • Extensive consultative program to ready the business for international markets
  • Market networking and communications
  • Client market adaptation services
  • Personalised business matching and facilitation services
  • Access to trade facilitation services through a fast developing international network
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