You don't need to be a geek to repair your computer. Put ePRO on your squad of professionals today. We offer the best value when it comes time to buy PC repair services. ePRO Computer Repair...because bad things happen to good computers.

ePRO Computer Repair will remove multiple Trojan infections as well as root-kits as well as any other malicious software that is running on your computer. We don't stop until we scrub every file on your computer to make sure there are no dormant infections waiting to pop back up when the coast is clear. Check out our Virus Free Warranty!

Viruses aren't the only thing bad to happen to your computer. If your computer isn't running the same way it did when you took it out of the box for the first time and your antivirus suite tells you everything's fine, we will get to the root of the problem and get your PC running in tip top shape again.

ePRO's computer optimization service will clean up your operating system and make sure all your software and hardware are operating at their peak operating performance.

ePRO Remote Backup is a multifaceted, business grade backup solution, designed to protect mission critical data from permanent loss. Our software/service is designed from the ground up by Gillware Data Services engineers with insight provided by tens of thousands of data recovery cases and backup failures through seen by ePRO's data recovery service.

ePRO's service professionals will come to your home or office to clean and maintain your equipment to ensure that it is running in tip top shape. Household dust can actually enter the interior of your computers case and choke off the airflow around critical components which need fresh cool air in order to keep working efficiently. If dust has "choked" the air supply from your electronics, they will overheat and possibly fail...permanently. The possibility of losing pictures, files, and documents is very real and very expensive unless you are cleaning and maintaining your equipment regularly.
Call us to discuss your needs. We can build a custom PC to suit YOU for the type of computer YOU need. Not an off the shelf PC with limited options that will make you compromise your standards. Business or gaming rigs, there are hundreds of configuration options available.

InkMart provides quality OEM printer ink with major savings over retail and other internet vendors, saving you time and money. Our own compatible products are 100% guaranteed, whether they are inkjet toner cartridges, ink toner cartridges, or cartridges for Epson ink, Canon ink, Brother ink, and Xerox ink and other brands of ink and toner. You can also purchase directly from InkMart genuine OEM HP ink toner cartridges, black ink, copier toner, fax toner as well as products for Canon, Xerox, Sharp, Lexmark, Okidata and Brother printers.