e-Psychiatry provides access to psychiatrist online through telepsychiatry and gives patients access to the same level of mental health care as an in office visit. We provide online in home care and are able to provide prescriptions for most all mental health illnesses. Every appointment at e-Psychiatry is confidential and discreet. Don't miss work ever again and make appointments online at a time convenient for you while at your home or office.

Many different people from all walks of life with issues preventing them for seeing a mental health professional and choose our online psychiatrists for help which include but are not limited to:

   People that prefer saving time and money over traditional mental health services
   High profile individuals
   Professionals and business executives
   People with limited time due to work or other obligations
   People with no insurance
   The elderly
   People with certain disabilities
   People with fear of leaving home
   People with fear of being around others
   People that don’t want to be seen at a “shrink’s” office
   People with severe anxiety or depression

Whatever your reason is for wanting to use our online mental health services we GUARANTEE once you try e-Psychiatry you’ll have a hard time wanting to do it any other way! Don’t let what’s stopping you from getting the help you deserve and let our online psychiatrists provide you the best possible care at a time and place that is convenient for you.

We contract with psychiatrists nationwide and provide individuals, businesses, groups, providers and many other organizations telepsychiatry programs tailored to suit their needs.