Subject: Become a Certified Americans with Disabilities Advocate
Subline: Help those with disabilities design and implement accommodations during stressful judicial encounters.

This is the course you need to comply with new ADA regulations to empower litigants with non-apparent disabilities.

Program Start Date:  February 5, 2018  Registration open now
Program End Date:   May 1, 2018

Sign up for this life-changing course here, or call to learn more at the Office of Admissions at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice: (212) 564-6529.  Course manual required, Unlocking Justice, order here.

------------- Media contact: Jorge Medina, LegalAbuseSyndrome@gmail.com

JOHN JAY COLLEGE OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE and Dr. Karin Huffer are pleased to announce certification under www.equalaccessadvocates.com/courseinfo   Level 1 Certified ADA Advocate Program. The purpose of this course is to set a standard of care by implementing the mandates of the Americans with Disabilities Act. This program aims to provide equal access to public services for persons with disabilities. This is a 12-week online program.
It is vital for those who work with persons with disabilities to have this knowledge and the skills to help them copeā€¦ and recover.
John Jay College of Criminal Justice

This course was designed so you can manage the demands of your existing career while preparing for your next move or to enhance your existing skills for further professional development. The online certification program can empower those working for persons with disabilities to improve the judicial system through the inclusion and equality of all people.

Level 1 Certified ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Advocate Program*

As a marriage and family therapist, researcher, and author addressing the ADAAA as it relates to LAS or legal abuse syndrome, Dr. Huffer's online course reflects the life-changing role of the advocate for non-apparent disabilities. This course is ideal for social workers, counselors, healthcare practitioners, law enforcement, judicial personnel, attorneys, paralegals, community leaders, and any other person or profession that interacts with persons with disabilities.

Through this course, participants can become skilled at ethically advocating for persons with impairments other than gross physical conditions already more commonly accommodated (blindness, deafness, and wheelchairs). The information and expertise you will learn are based upon scientific studies of neurological functioning of human beings under stress and on the current uses and awareness of the ADAAA as it pertains to the judicial system- Of interest is the focus on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other invisible disabilities (ex, high blood pressure, diabetes, TBI) . Participants will learn the necessary legal and social improvements needed to be and to put others in compliance with laws regarding civil rights, disability rights, and social needs.

Join us, open a new income stream while assisting those with disabilities and preserving the intent and economy of the court as it is meant to serve the people and the law.

Dr. Karin Huffer