Equibuddy is a mobile application designed specifically for the equestrian community. We refer to it as B.O.A.S.T. the Best Online Assessment & Support Toolkit there is for horses and their owners.

It is all about the horses, every profile is a horse with users attached to this horse. This way the horses are a constant while the owners, farriers, vets, riders, friends can come and go.

Its biggest benefits are:

To improve horse welfare – everything is documented and traceable, a history is created for the horse with specific behavioural traits, likes and dislikes all detailed for everyone in its community to understand.

Equipment that fits the horse can be detailed for future reference, specific bridle pieces or saddles sizes are so important to its balance and back care. Feeding can be specified – when does he or she like fed, what type of food suits them, have they any allergies or been exposed to food that has upset their system etc. These are just the basic elements of caring for a horse, but so important to have reported on their behalf when they move around or are sold on.

To reduce the administrative headache that comes with managing a horse – dates for all of its care requirements can be entered into the calendar system and used as alerts so that appointments with farriers etc are never missed. For a livery this can be an enormous benefit as not only farrier appointments but events, training schedules, vet appointments etc can all be managed this way.

To improve the performance outcomes for individual horses. This is bespoke to each horse, for some it may be all about being able to ride well in a paddock, for others achieve gold in an eventing competition or race. What is important is that progress is monitored from an holistic perspective taking the horse’s welfare into consideration against the goals to be achieved.


Equibuddy offers owners peace of mind. A horse is a great investment. Owners invest time, money and emotions in their horse(s) and want to know that the horse is being managed to their standards whether or not they are present.

The application is mobile to support all of the above, horses and desks do not go together! As a mobile application, owners and equine professionals have 24/7 connection to the horse and its information which means emergencies can be managed quicker on the one hand, but also that they are free to boast about their horse within a safe, secure community whenever and wherever they are.