Good In - Tensions, LLC offers canine and equine sports massage therapy.  This therapy is beneficial to all from the companion animal to the highly athletic performer.  We provide free evaluations to see if sports massage therapy is right for your animal.  A session includes a full body sports massage with appropriate follow-up exercise and a maintenance plan unique to the individual.  

Equine and canine massage therapy is non-invasive and its' methods are used for a variety of reasons, all resulting in improved quality of life and increased longevity.
Some of the benefits of sports massage include:  increases circulation and restore mobility, reduces joint inflammation/swelling, softens scar tissue, improves muscle tone, eliminates tension and debilitating muscle spasms, prevents injuries for active dogs and  horses, speeds up recovery from injuries, and more.

Muscle spasms are often overlooked. They do not show up on x-rays and are cumulative in nature. Unless properly treated, the problem will not resolve on its own. Sports Massage breaks apart these adhesions and restores proper function and circulation to the muscles, resulting in full range of motion.    

Julie Ennis is a graduate of Delaware Valley College with a B.S. in Animal Science / Equine Science Management. As a lifelong equine enthusiast and small animal vet technician, she wanted to continue her education and did so at the school of Equissage in Virginia. Seeing the positive and effective results of massage therapy, she learned that she could pursue a rewarding career doing something she loves - helping animals in need.

"Equissage has consistently demonstrated that sports massage can make invaluable contributions to a horse's soundness and performance." These same techniques were adapted and applied to the canine. While they are obviously different species, it is factual that a muscle is a muscle, whether it is human, equine, or canine.