The Equine Assisted Re-connective Therapy and Healing Programs are a revolutionary new Personal Development seminar hosted by Liz Mitten Ryan, Author, Artist and Animal Communicator.

The Retreats are designed to remove those blocks that keep us from connecting on a level that allows miracles to manifest in our lives. They teach the subjects of Oneness and Love and the One Consciousness that is the essence and fruition of The All's creative genius in all life. Come and be transformed; experience the freedom to be your heart's desire in glorious full rainbow color. Learn to recapture a time when you knew that you were immortal, unlimited and could create miracles with every thought and word.

Gateway 2 Ranch is located close to Kamloops, B.C. Canada. We offer a shuttle service to and from the Kamloops airport, mid afternoon of arrival day and mid morning of departure day (that would mean no earlier than an 11:00am flight out.) Please arrange your flights as close to these times as possible to avoid a wait. Those who are driving will be sent a map along with their Retreat package. Most Guest Programs are arranged so Program participants can choose to stay on through a layover day at either end to experience both the Guest Program and the E.A.R.T.H. Retreat of their choice. Guest Programs are priced individually and vary per Program. For more information, visit www.equinisity.com