Equinox' Raw Organic Kombucha Tea is a NEW tasty and healthy soft drink with a tang. A fresh new way of enjoying the numerous health benefits of Kombucha Tea!

Equinox Kombucha is a family business based in the valleys of Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. We are absolutely passionate about  Kombucha, and truly believe in its infinite potential to improve people’s well-being.  To give people one more possibility to maintain their health, we are bringing Kombucha Tea into mainstream awareness. Cafes and restaurants, health food shops, skate parks, gyms and pubs: all are a perfect place to enjoy a bottle of The Living Tea.

What is Kombucha?

The mystical elixir has been used and honoured for more than 2000 years in the Eastern world. Throughout the centuries Kombucha Tea has been named; “Immortality Tea”, “Miracle Tea” & “Elixir of Long Life”, suggestive of its curative & energising nature. Believed to have originated in East Asia, & subsequently traveling to Russia via the silk route, Kombucha is an ancient fermented drink made from sweetened tea.  Kombucha’s yeasts & bacteria coexist in a symbiotic colony, producing a naturally carbonated brew which combines sweet & sour in one refreshing mouthful. Our ancestors understood the value of ingesting fermented food & drinks on a daily basis, allowing the fermentation process to unlock nutrients & deliver food in a more bio-available form.

Because we care about our planet and its people, we always choose ethically sourced ingredients, Fair Trade wherever possible, and always certified Organic. We brew our Kombucha Tea with the finest Organic Fairtrade Chun Me green tea, a Chinese leaf very popular in its country of origin for its strong and tangy taste. Along with Organic raw cane sugar (also Rainforest Alliance certified and EcoSocial certified) and a selection of good quality Organic herbal teas as well as Organic pure pressed Ginger juice.

A percentage of the profits of Equinox Kombucha will go into the development of humanitarian projects. We hope to do this in the form of the Equinox Foundation for humanitarian and wild life projects and the conservation of rainforests.