What is EQUIP Advantage?

We are the oil and gas industry's equipment and service insiders. EQUIP Advantage was built from the ground up by two sets of brothers, one a farming duo from Roosevelt, OK, and the other from the orchards of Michigan. Our team has a deep understanding of the industry, as well as how to work both harder and smarter. Couple our founders’ experience with the innovative design team at Oklahoma-based New Medio, and you have one heck of a winning combination.

Did we say that our EQUIP app is free? The app is both free to download and free to search. Finding the exact service or piece of equipment in your exact location is as easy as selecting the equipment in need, a pump truck for instance, and then waiting a few seconds for our GPS and Proximity Aware Technology to locate it. Once the right piece of equipment has been selected, a direct phone number is listed so the right person can be immediately contacted. Companies wanting the opportunity to market their equipment and services pay a small fee and can also manage their account from any smart phone, tablet or computer in general. Navigating the app is quick and easy, allowing for changes to be made on the fly. EQUIP's real-time status updates ensure that those searching find available units and those with the equipment keep it out of the yard and producing. Whether you need to list one dozer or five hundred frac tanks, there is an advertising package that will be the right fit.

Our pricing plans are geared toward this simple theory: if a company gets one or two jobs they normally wouldn’t have, the services pay for themselves for the entire year. Thanks, in part, to the energy and service companies ever expanding employee needs, EQUIP is excited to promote our Jobs section where you can source your equipment, services and employees from the same, secure app.