With Ripoff Report, many innocent businesses get their reputation damaged by ripoff reports.  RipOff Report's have led many companies and individuals to actually be left victimized and embarrassed due to complaints that typically don't have any merit whatsoever.   Anytime a prospective client or customer of a particular business does a web search on that business, research shows as much as 95%, will see the defamatory link appear just below that business, and usually on the first page of the search engine results.  And if that business is in a high trust profile position, that particular business is destroyed, whether the allegation was true, false or exaggerated.   The result is an abrupt loss of clientele, customers and revenue.

Here's the rub!  Ripoff Report never removes their posting for ANY reason.  Even if the complaining person wanted to.  

The good news is that a new aggressive firm has cracked the code to ranking Ripoff Report far back in the search engine results of Google and Yahoo.

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