The Inflammatory Breast Cancer Foundation is a group of concerned citizens who came together with the hope of making a difference in the way Inflammatory Breast Cancer ( IBC ) is perceived by both the general public and the medical community.

Our ranks come from IBC patients, Physicians, the Media and those affected by IBC.
Our mission is to change the perceived notion that all breast cancers have a lump. The medical community has not been educated to a degree where they can catch this deadly form of breast cancer earlier than stage IIIB. This is not acceptable.

Women are dying because of mis-information and lack of education both from the public sector and the medical sector.  We are changing that, but we need help across the United States to educate that mammograms do not pick up Inflammatory Breast Cancer, and only a biopsy will assure a correct diagnosis.  

Let us all RULE OUT IBC.
Watch and listen to our montly radio/Skype show; IBC Fact & Fallacies