eresource Academy is the training wing of India's fastest growing ERP firm, eresource Infotech Pvt. Ltd. eresource provides end-to-end solutions that leverage technology-enabling customers to grow their business. eresource serves many client in India and abroad and as one of the pioneers of Web-based ERP solution.

eresource Academy is centre for extensive training in ERP and other IT related applications. Our training is also supported with the help of live projects in ERP Packages which provides industrial exposure to the candidates. Candidates could also find suitable jobs in ERP space in many multinational companies in India and abroad. .We have an array of teaching faculties who have many years of experience in IT industry under their belt.

While organizations spend whopping amounts on ERP software and its implementation, training of employees who are assigned to run the system is getting neglected or not provided adequately. This act amounts to improper handling of the ERP system which ultimately results in sub-optimal performance of the system or in some cases failed implementations.

eresource academy has developed program dedicated to training users in every aspect of the Integrated ERP software system. Its exclusive ERP training course gives an opportunity to the users of ERP systems and other IT professionals to get acquainted with ERP software. This course caters to the vocational needs of the students and is concurrent with the software engineering and technology syllabus covered by the major universities.

Today, the ERP market is short of well trained ERP professionals, which is severely affecting the proper use of this technology. Our aim is to provide well trained ERP professionals in the market. Don't be left behind by marching technological advantages. Join today and become an ERP specialist.