Across the nation, hospitals, long-term care facilities, outpatient surgery centers, and medical and dental clinics face the daily challenge of how to properly, safely, and ergonomically deal with the physical demands of patient handling. Ergo-PATH System is solely focused on addressing the complex issue of safe patient handling (SPH).  Ergo-PATH System provides an experienced team of leaders that are on the cutting edge of SPH, leading and guiding healthcare facilities to find cost-effective and functional strategies to safely allow their direct care providers to provide their patients with the physical assistance they need.

Ergo-PATH System combines their human factors and ergonomics expertise with their comprehensive knowledge of SPH to provide unbiased evaluation, analysis, and recommendations for SPH. (Ergo-PATH is not affiliated with any particular SPH equipment manufacturer.)  The Ergo-PATH systems approach is effective in any healthcare facility that moves patients. Utilizing a systems approach, healthcare facilities will experience positive changes in safety behavior and culture, improved employee health and well-being, and increases patient safety, which can result in lowered workers’ compensation costs, fewer employee injuries, and decreased risk of patient harm. Ergo-PATH System offers a complete package of training and consultation to ensure a safe, effective, and legally compliant SPH system through effective design, proper implementation, and continuous system monitoring and improvement for long-term success and sustainability.

Ergo-PATH System offers a unique and exclusive patient mapping tool, the PATH Vector3.  This tool does away with all of the algorithms and guidelines that have been extensively used in the industry and

Ergo-PATH System takes an all-encompassing, systems approach that guides clients on how to reduce the cost of business, including injuries, workers’ compensation costs, and disability. This results in ROI within the shortest possible timeframe, improved staff engagement and morale, and improved patient satisfaction.

The Ergo-PATH ownership team has more than 35 years of combined experience in ergonomics and human factors, and both partners are board certified ergonomists through the BCPE. President Jill Kelby is a licensed Physical Therapist, Certified Ergonomic Associate, and is Green Belt certified. Vice-president Sam Bradbury is a certified Athletic Trainer and Certified Professional Ergonomist.  The experts at Ergo-PATH also thoroughly understand both new and pending legislation related to safe patient handling across the nation.

Ergo-PATH System is committed to helping your healthcare facility stay abreast of legislative changes, new SPH products and equipment, and the latest research findings. Ergo-PATH System employs the techniques and technologies that will ensure the best patient care and handling.

For complete information on Ergo-PATH System and the benefits of their training and tools, call, email or visit their website!  1.877.890.7284, customercare@ergo-pathsystem.com, www.ergo-pathsystem.com.