ERH Group Inc is the fastest growing Entertainment Networking company in the country specializing in Talent, Event, and Business promotions. With over 35 years of combined experience in the business of photography, entertainment, business, and sales management, ERH Group offers a unique combination of skills to prospective clients. ERH Group’s expertise, industry stature, and influence insure it will maintain its place as an industry leader.

As an organization, ERH Group raises the industry standard by offering clients more than just promotional services. The ongoing purpose of ERH is to build an industry networking structure that far surpasses the offerings of competitors.

In the entertainment industry, who you know is as vital if not more important than what you know, and ERH Group provides a networking hub (refer to image) that makes it possible for clients to quickly realize a level of accelerated advancement previously unavailable. Utilizing the ERH Network of professionals saves incalculable time and money.

The Goal of ERH Group is to offer a comprehensive service that will free up clients to focus on what is most important to them—their talent, skill, or business. Clients need only a single contact for their career and business development: ERH.

The Primary Focus of ERH Group is to provide a networking community of qualified and talented contacts. Best of all, ERH never marks up the cost of services. ERH does not add on or alter any of our partners’ or network members’ pricing. All quotes to clients are direct pricing.

Some competitors flaunt large numbers of registered users and network members to entice subscribers, while their real intent is to sell advertising space on their websites. That is not the focus of ERH Group. The mission of ERH is to provide a quality network of reliable contacts that guarantee quality services. The ERH Philosophy is deeply rooted in customer satisfaction, and ERH Group endeavors to offer clients peace of mind by regularly exceeding expectations.