Hefei Quantum Quelle Nano Science & Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise created by Dr. Li from Germany in Feb. 2010. The company produces mainly nano metals and related nano materials for electronic, chemical, clearing energy, biological  and powder metallurgical applications. It is located in New Railway Comprehensive Development Experimental Zone Industrial Park, Hefei city,  Anhui province. It  has  a 3300 m2 area bilding  for  production and R&D.

    The company  can now supply nano metals, such as nano nickel, nano copper, nano silver, nano tin and nano indium et al. And also nano oxide and compound, such as nano NiO, Ni(OH)2, nano Cu2O, nano CuO, nano ZnO, In2O3, nano SnO2 and nano ITO by our patented technology. The current quantities of productions can be offered are 30 kg for different nano-powders per day.