Erna Basson is a top business coach, author & international speaker with multiple companies across the world.  Erna Basson start, grow, monetize and sell companies Fast.  

Some of Erna Basson's achievements:

Featured on the cover of Fast Company magazine and named South Africa’s top Entrepreneur under 30 for 2017

She is representing South Africa at the Africa’s most Influential Woman in Business & Government Awards in 2017

She was the first South African woman to be on the cover of the Global Woman Magazine in the UK

She is selected as a mentor for the Nelson Mandela 100 year entrepreneurial program starting 2018

Erna Basson wants to help you start your first business and grow it fast.

If you want to be coached by one of the top business coaches in the world, Erna Basson is the answer and she will help you start, grow, monetize and sell your company fast just like she has been doing.