The people who lead nonprofits are powered by their passion to create a better world.

It's our goal to make the "business" of running a nonprofit less complex and trouble-free, so the work can stay focused, and dreams can be delivered.

Our passion is to be there to support organizations whose work enriches our communities and helps create a more vital and peaceful society.

The mission of ESC is to help nonprofit organizations accomplish their missions. ESC specializes in helping individuals, organizations and corporations fulfill their charitable aspirations by increasing the impact of their philanthropic endeavors.

ESC will provide services that include all elements of initiating a nonprofit organization and the activities necessary to run the daily operations. The services provided to each organization are customized to the vision and mission of each foundation.


Knowing when and how to seek outside expertise is critical to a nonprofit’s success. Knowing whom to hire for a project is just as important for successful results. We provide the following services:

1.     Extensive resource support
•     Access to the latest research on topics that nonprofits care about.
•     Provide information to guide an organization’s decisions or help to set priorities.
•     Keep abreast of nonprofit sector trends
•     Continually expand connections to human and information resources
•     Access to databases, studies and professional colleagues who keep abreast of best practices among similar organizations in the sector and in other industries.

2.     Global Communication & Exposure
•     Partnerships
•     Sponsorships
•     Public Relations and Media
•     Client Branding
•     Website Development/Maintenance
•     Logo Design
•     Marketing Brochure/Pamphlet Creation

3.     Event Planning/Coordination
•     Creative Invitation Design & Print Fulfillment
•     Unforgettable Event Décor
•     Venue - Location Scouting
•     Five Star Catering Staff
•     Concierge Service
•     Entertainment Booking

4.     Financial Assistance
•     Grant Writing
•     Accounting Services (including 990 Tax filing)
•     Fundraising Development