ESI365 was started in 2014 by legal industry veterans with over 20 years experience helping law firms and corporate legal departments with discovery, compliance and internal investigation matters. After seeing dramatic changes in the technology used to accomplish these purposes over the past decade, we see an opportunity to help our clients move from the old and complicated way of doing things to new, advanced, defensible methods that are better, smarter, and faster.
ESI365 leverages millions of dollars of technologies and research to introduce solutions that integrate the entire process from legal hold to data collections, analysis and review. With no software to install or hardware to deploy, the powerful enterprise-class features and expert workflows from ESI365 can be utilized on demand to easily and defensibly collect data from employees and resources around the globe and quickly deliver relevant documents to the review platform of your choice.

ESI365 is the future of simple, accurate, defensible and cost predictable eDiscovery and legal data compliance.