eSight Energy specialises in energy management software.  Our leading energy management suite, eSight is the most sophisticated, fully web-enabled energy monitoring and targeting package available.

Comprehensive and intuitive, eSight provides an extensive range of techniques for managing all aspects of energy data effectively.  It delivers the ability for data to be automatically imported into eSight from nearly any device or system, bringing all energy data and reporting tools together into one application, which can be accessed from anywhere across the globe in a variety of languages.

With eSight you can:
•     Automatically import high frequency energy data from a variety of sources.
•     Perform a wide range of analysis techniques including; degree day analysis, specific energy consumption, baseload analysis, regression analysis and CUSUM.
•     Create energy alarms for automatic notification by email or report.
•     Produce and distribute customised energy reports on a scheduled basis.
•     Create calculated meters for data aggregation or plant efficiency.
•     Apply contract pricing to energy data for financial analysis.
•     Create energy budgets and measure performance.
•     Benchmark against user-defined or government standards.
•     Perform bill verification across multiple sites and meters.
•     Run accurate and efficient tenant billing.
•     Run energy dashboards for easy viewing of energy data and wider audience participation in energy management.

Available in two versions, and uniquely flexible, eSight is perfect for virtually every company size and sector.