ESI Group Limited, founded in 2006, today we manage over $1.5 billion for clients across 90 relationships.

Today, ESI Group Limited combines respect for the traditions of wealth management with a contemporary investment philosophy, creating a dynamic approach to investing and wealth counsel that is intelligent, aligned, and assured.

We work with all kinds of clients. Generally, they’re successful, mature and established. They’ve built their assets over time. Most are self-made, or well on their way. They’re looking to create a smart financial plan, preserve wealth and grow it sensibly, rather than take on large amounts of risk.

Investing your hard-earned savings requires the highest degrees of trust and accountability. We were one of the first firms in Hong Kong to adopt the independent advisor model, to align our interests squarely with yours. We operate with complete transparency. We communicate in a clear and useful way, so you play an informed part in every key decision.