As an entrepreneur who has; (1) twice been featured in North American wide newsstand business magazines, once on a cover; (2) had an email magazine (e-zine) with 50,000+ subscribers in 1999; (3) been writing for and training entrepreneurs since 1995 ... you might just say I know a few things.

I decided in 2014 to come out of Internet/World Wide Web retirement mainly because I saw so many business making the same mistakes. They all try to harness the 'web' for their business instead of doing the opposite, which means making their business work with the 'web'.

I also see most business owners or would-be entrepreneurs ignoring the direct marketing and direct response techniques that worked for decades
and some even since after the 2nd world war. The most shocking part of this is these old concepts work wonderfully online.

It is time all entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs had a chance to succeed and that requires the knowledge that we include in our training plus a willingness for the student to learn.

We (my team and I) are releasing several websites. The first is for my own writings, which is PersuasivePete.com, the 2nd for a specific launching educational and training products is known as partnershipINchange.com and others are for many of our specific training products, which will be announced later.

My full name is Steven Peter Burke and, my brand or 'pen name' is Persuasive Pete. My given name is Steven Burke and I sign all of my writings as Steven 'Eskimo Pete' Burke.