Esprida is an innovative technology company that has been helping organizations increase the value of their technologies since 2002. The world is getting connected; by 2015 there will be more internet-connected devices than people on the planet. Our vision is to help companies manage and integrate the devices, people-interactions, and processes into their core business. We help them overcome challenges related to: asset management, systems management, service automation, business intelligence, intelligent device management and more. Our software is built to optimize corporate functionality across multiple platforms and markets with enterprise scalability.

Esprida provides a highly scalable enterprise software platform to remotely monitor, control, and optimize connected equipment and systems from a single portal. Esprida solutions are employed by over 100 leading retail companies and power the worlds largest self-service network under a single infrastructure, controlling over 150,000 peripherals and devices across 5 continents, and in 20 + languages. Our team of dedicated technology experts are committed to driving business value for our customers, constantly looking for new ways of saving money or generating revenue.

Using the Esprida platform, OEM partners, retailers and governments gain the ability to centrally manage and report on performance, while easily integrating with back end systems. Our patented software aggregates data from multiple sources in real time and creates unique opportunities to consolidate device, system, and process information to support multiple management views.

The Esprida platform is available as an on-premise solution, software-as-a-service (SaaS), or a hybrid model.