About ESP Wellness
ESP Wellness, LLC was formed in 2010 by Jennifer Linton MPH, ATC, LAT to assist organizations and companies in planning, implementing, and maintaining health programs. In 2013, Zac Linton CPT, CES, FNS and Kody Christensen FNS, WLS, partnered with ESP Wellness to expand its services to the individual.
ESP Wellness stands by our mission to offer the community a wellness experience unlike any other by providing affordable personal training with certified fitness professionals, group fitness classes that promise to get you to your goals, and nutritional coaching to aid in lifestyle change.
•     Enhancing. No matter your goal toning up, losing body fat, building muscle, or rehabilitation training, we can get you there. We want you to succeed. Our success is solely based on your success.
•     Sustaining. There is no such thing as a diet or temporary change at ESP Wellness. We want you to have a complete lifestyle change that you will be able to SUSTAIN for a better quality of life. The time we spend educating you will enrich your entire life.
•     Preventative. Once you get into the mindset that fitness and nutrition is a lifestyle, you will significantly decrease your chances of several medical issues that are ailing you now or could in the future. Fitness is not only about looking good in a bikini or getting a six pack, it is about improving your quality of life.