Using The Estes Group's job benchmarking process, you will hire superior performers for every job in your company.  We do an in-depth, extremely accurate job analysis that goes into much more detail than a typical job description. We let the job talk to determine the type of person you need in each position.  With our facilitation, you determine the Key Accountabilities, Behaviors, Motivators, and Types of Tasks required by each job for superior performance.

We do this using a team of your best people currently in each job and their managers; they are your subject matter experts.  We use a job benchmarking assessment that tells you exactly how the job should be done; the values the job rewards (motivators); and which percentage of tasks the job requires looking at routine, troubleshooting, and project tasks.

Then you assess your current employees and job applicants to get a perfect job fit for each position you fill.  Our job/talent comparison report shows you exactly which candidates are best for the job.  Those who most closely match your benchmarks are the ones you should hire to build a team of superior performers.

Please contact Annette Estes for a complimentary consultation on how job benchmarking will help your company improve profitability, productivity, hiring and management practices, team morale, and employee retention.

Here's what some of our Raving Fans say about our services:

"Because of your services, we have made better decisions, managed our new employees better, and saved our company a lot of money by matching the right people with the right opportunities. Thank you for being a valued partner in our success." -Jere Davis, VP, Del-Tech Packaging.

"The bottom line is your behavioral testing has helped us lower accident cost."  - Clifton Parker, President, G&P Trucking, Inc.

"I would recommend Annette and the process she facilitates to anyone looking to identify specific talents in prospective employees.” - Frank Garrett, Health, Safety & Environmental Mgr., GLBH Corporate Services, Calgary, AB

"We have found your Management-Staff survey to be an invaluable tool.  We use the assessments during our recruiting process... to understand the candidate's strengths.  We use it to make sure we are putting the candidate in the proper position to build upon their strengths.  We also use the survey during our goal setting and review process." - Kathie Conway, Controller, Brains of Fire Advertising

"We are having a great deal of success using your sales, management, and pre-hire evaluations to match the right applicant with the right job opening, making adjustments in the structure and make-up of our departmental teams based on the collective personalities of the team members, and for coaching our current employees. Thank you for introducing us to TTI's DISC assessments. They are the best predictor of performance we have ever used." - Larry Bonorato, General Mgr., Saturn of Savannah

Let us show you how you, too, can become a raving fan of our job benchmarking process at your company.