Estiuka has been founded in 2011. At Estiuka, we develop mobile applications on Android and we offer Android consultancy services. However the long term plan is to mainly focus on app development.

So how do we come up with new apps? Actually, when an idea comes up, it is discussed and challenged across people we know, friends, relatives, tech people, random people too… If the idea seems to appeal to a good number of people. We just go for it.

By the way, at the moment, we mainly focus on Android. So no, we don’t make iOS apps. However, we are not narrow-minded either and expanding our developments to other platforms is definitely part of the plan.

Our vision is to always go beyond expectations, if we can have the extra bits that will make our apps standing out of the crowd, we definitely go for it. It may be long and sometimes painful, but we think it is always worth the effort.