eStreet Technologies is a leading niche innovator of social web & apps creation technologies. Headquartered in Abuja, the company specializes in providing sophisticated innovative solutions through analytical thinking that meet business and consumer needs.

eStreet.com.ng (an initiative of eStreet Technologies, Inc.) is a private, members-only social club dedicated to accelerating its members Business, Career & Life success. eStreet not only gives its members the essential skills and resources they need to start and grow their  own business, but is also committed to boosting their careers & enhancing their life skills - fast and free!

At eStreet “Roundtables” real world skills like professional development, leadership training, project management, initial capital & funds sourcing, interactive online content, mentor-led activities, networking and communication skills are delivered to help our members to become the CEO of their Careers.

eStreet demystifies the business of “getting started”.  We partner with social entrepreneurs to incubate innovations, sculpt models, forge connections and raise resources to enable the launch of new ideas and new leaders. As a result, eStreet is fast becoming a business-creation engine by bringing together founders, business angels, Venture Capitalists, high-networth CEOs, mentors & advisors to help young & trendy African startups rock the world!  

Our platform enables multiples of change agents to launch their ideas, solve compelling problems and create social impact in the best traditions of entrepreneurship.

eStreet aims to ensure that more social change ideas are seeded in public domains and new leaders emerge on their own terms.
Our mission is to:
     Demystify the business of “getting started”;
     Build a culture where mature social entrepreneurs start up the next generation of change agents from within the local communities they serve; and
     Catalyze the influence and resources of mainstream players across sectors to foster startups.