We focus on areas of public funding for research and development with particular emphasis on the SME community. Having been directly involved with EU and UK R&D funding over many years we bring a practical no nonsense approach to assisting our clients achieve their goals and remain competitive.

We simplify access to the 79 Billion Euros available from the Commission for research and Innovation, so that many more organisations can share in the significant benefits experienced by more established organisations.

Collaboration is key to developing innovation but many ideas that could result in major change are unable to develop without the risk funding available from Horizon 2020. ETC Ltd is dedicated to assisting organisations through the entire process. From formulating the proposal, structuring the project and bringing decades of collective experience to maximise the chance of success in the grant process.

Even when the organisation is successful the support does not stop there. ETC Ltd offers cost effective project management, administration and dissemination services allowing organisations to concentrate on the core research without interruption in the flow of funds.