About The Executive Travellers Club

The Executive Travellers Club is a travel technology business.  We use the latest technology to enable easier and more cost effective business travel for individual business travellers, companies and other organizations that require business travel. Technology now makes it possible to cost effectively deliver savings and efficiencies to all sizes of business. Traditionally only the largest corporations have benefited from dedicated corporate travel programs and the services of corporate travel agencies. It is simply not financially viable to provide a corporate travel service on an individual or small business level. We recognized the need to provide businesses of all sizes with a better and easier way to book business hotels. We have developed from the ground up a dedicated e-marketplace that privately connects business travelers as well as companies with our partner hotels so that they can enjoy corporate style rates and benefits even if they aren’t a Fortune 500 company!

Finally real benefits for small and medium sized businesses

Whether you are self employed, work for a small business, a medium sized enterprize employing 200 people or work for a fortune 500 company and make your own hotel bookings we can offer you real benefits. Once you are accepted as a member you can use our unique hotel search and booking tools to plan and book your hotel bookings. You are guaranteed to save at least 10% off the publically available Best Available Rates and up to 60%. In addition you benefit from free internet in room at all our hotels as well as free early check in, free late check out and free room upgrades (subject to availability). You no longer have to book your hotels at public rates.