Eternet is an infinite network of services and devices, which creates powerful, state-of-the-art, versatile combinations of computers, smart homes, and intelligent vehicles. Eternet provides users with a wide variety of services, which cater to entertainment, communications, health, security, control, and surveillance. Gaming console, home theater, smart watch, smart glasses, and smart seat, are some of the devices that are part of the Eternet Computer complex. These gadgets utilize a plethora of innovative and unique features in order to provide a fresh and exciting user experience. The Eternet intelligent building and smart home complex boasts advanced features and specifications, which, combined with our proposed platform, will open a new world of possibilities. Eternet Building allows users to monitor and control household appliances using augmented reality technology in the form of smart glasses and hand gestures. Intelligent vehicle features assist users in guiding, driving, troubleshooting, repairing, and controlling their vehicles. Users can also monitor and control their smart homes while on the road. These are just a small selection of the cutting-edge features that Eternet can provide. The possibilities are indeed vast.