Ethos 360: Business Startup, Growth and Funding SolutionsEthos 360 provides entrepreneurs with affordable one on one start-up coaching, business growth consulting, business plans and capital raising services. Let our hindsight be your foresight.

One Stop Solution: Your Success is Our Success

If you're an entrepreneur with a new business start-up, a small business owner ready to go to the next level or you're in need of private equity from an angel investor or venture capital firm we can help.

We work one on one with you
Business plan writing
Step by step help for starting a small business
Business start-up coaching
Growth stage consulting
Document preparation and strategy development

Capital Funding: We Raise Capital For You

Save precious money, valuable time and unending headaches. Get the capital you need.

Seed capital for business start-ups
Start-up and government grants
SBA loans, bank loans and commercial loans
Lines of credit
Our system builds business credit for you
Private equity, angel investors, angel investor groups and venture capital funding
I Need Help With: Starting Up
Growing My Business
Raising Angel Investor and Venture Capital

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Ethos 360 provides entrepreneurs with affordable one on one coaching, business growth consulting and capital raising services so they can launch and grow their businesses. They help seed stage, start-up and growth stage businesses as well as established companies realize their entrepreneurial dreams. Ethos 360 is a subsidiary of Ebapro Inc. a Delaware corporation since 2006.