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Just picture yourself as the person who led your organization to the most successful communication results ever experienced in your field.  What would that do to for your career success? For your future?

That's what we've done consistently for our loyal clients.

FACT!  Every client who has hired us and followed our research-driven, experience-based, advice — fully — has broken records in their Marketing or Communication Return on Investments.  

How?  Because we use proven, powerful, proprietary research approaches to develop winning communication strategies.  And we've done it in 200+ industries for over 1,000+ clients over for more than three decades.

Don't take word for it.  Look at what a few of our clients say, below.  Then picture seeing and hearing others compliment you for leading them to record-breaking successes, with our help. Imagine how you will feel when they see you are the reason for that success.

"I am very pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Steve Ethridge.  I have worked with him for over 11 years, and he stands out among researchers.  He has developed and suggested key messaging and visual symbols that have enabled our clients markedly improve their revenue. I enthusiastically recommend him for any research work."  Stephen Clouse, President, Stephen Clouse & Associates, Inc. (Washington, D.C. Metro Area)

"I have worked with Steve on corporate and political accounts.  His business research always provides actionable insights that lead to increased market share.  His political survey work is always spot on." Robert Pipkin, Senior Public Affairs and Corporate Branding Executive, WestRogers LLC, (Greater Memphis, TN Area)

"Steve conducted a series of national focus groups designed to give my client, the advertising agency representing the National Guard recruiting efforts, a better insight into their target audience.  . . . This analysis had a profound influence on National Guard direct marketing materials aimed at recruiting young adults across the country.  Excellent work across the board." David Bufkin, Founding Partner at ClearWord Communications Group

"Successful marketing strategies start with great research. That’s why Steve Ethridge is one of my favorite secret weapons. . . . Steve is a great credibility booster for an agency: the kind of top-notch strategic partners who can make you look smarter than you really are."  Gary Meredith, Sr VP of Marketing & Development, American Target Advertising Inc. (Washington D.C. Metro Area)

[Steve], "Your experience . . .  in a variety of industries translates into a seasoned ability to apply marketing information to the development of effective marketing strategies and tactics." Jim Holthouser, Senior Vice President of Brand Management, Embassy Suites Hotels (Greater Memphis, TN Area)

"From my thirty-five years of marketing jobs ranging from Procter and Gamble to Nabisco, and as a senior consultant to international, parent company beverage firms, I’ve been responsible for at least $5-million of marketing research. Ethridge is tops.  . . . He consistently demonstrated skills and talents one typically sees only in the largest corporations."  Duane Birch, Birch Consulting (Tupelo, MS)

[Steve] is a consummate professional with an unwavering commitment to detail and accuracy.  One of the best researchers and strategic communications consultants in the business."  Marius Penczner, President, Penczner Media (Washington, D.C. Metro Area)

"Steve Ethridge has been working with us going back to about 1980 and is the most experienced consultant in the country in working with Right Brain Findings to leverage the results in the design and development of quantitative work and strategic recommendations that follow." Dr. Charles Kenny, Ph.D., President, The Right Brain People (Greater Memphis, TN Area)

"Actionable research can be a very powerful tool for creative marketers willing to use it.  Steve brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to each project.  His expertise gives us, the agency, greater ability to strategically develop creative concepts that will resonate with the target audience and drive results for our client.  Andy Windham, Chief Operating Officer, Walker + Associates, Inc. (Greater Memphis, TN Area)

"Lifeblood (Memphis’s community blood center) engaged Ethridge & Associates to conduct quantitative community research to identify target audience segments and recommend effective messaging.  We were looking for both strategic direction and specific tactical recommendations. . . . The resulting advertising and marketing programs have tested very well in subsequent focus groups . . . I wholeheartedly recommend Ethridge & Associates." Jennifer Balink, Senior Director, Donor Relations, Lifeblood (Greater Memphis, TN Area)

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