E-Time System Inc. is a technology company providing cost-effective solutions for electronic distribution products.

We are an innovative company that combines the very best in technology and software design; developing cutting-edge solutions while maintaining the highest level of professionalism; conducting business with respect for our clients and partners.

Delivering trend-setting innovations, high performance products quality without compromise and out-standing service while becoming the recognized global leader in electronic distribution systems.

Established in 1999, E-Time System began developing software specifically designed for the prepaid and postpaid industry. Strong relationships with our customers helped us identify early on the needs of electronic distribution system. Since then, we have continued to offer flexibility through real-time purchasing, reporting, billing, and up to the minute product information. As you would expect, E-Time System has secured relationships with industry leaders including various government entities and private sector corporations.

In today`s dynamic marketplace, with an abundance of technology offering, E-Time System is leading the way with a multi-tiered, fully customizable solution that meets the needs of customers, while keeping costs to a minimum. E-Time System is currently in use at thousands of retail locations domestically and world Wide. We have spent several years researching the POS industry to ensure that our solution will work today; yet remain scalable for tomorrow`s requirements. E-Time System continues to work closely with our clients. We listen to our clients. Their voices and feedback help us to refine and further develop our core Technologies.
The result – a solution that continues to satisfy the dynamic POS needs of the marketplace today.

I World like to take this opportunity to thank our customers and our partners for getting E-Time to where is it today. We look forward to delivering the next generation of POS Technologies.