Environmental Testing and Research Laboratory has been in the laboratory business for over 17 years. We are a Central Massachusetts based, full service lab, specializing in the analysis of private drinking water. Our facility has serviced thousands of clients across North America ranging from large industrial businesses to Home Inspectors and Real Estate Agencies, right down to private well owners. Fast accurate service has made ETR Labs a nationally recognized laboratory. Because we only do work for our clients, our results are confidential to those clients!

Additionally we offer a wide range of analytical testing services to support environmental, industrial and private concerns. We our customers come from academic, medical, manufacturing and commercial fields. Our client list includes hospitals, cruise lines, food service, private well installation, repair and maintenance, real estate, veterinary medicine among others.  

Leading edge analysis includes use of the following technology:  SEM, NMR, GC Mass spec, Liquid scintillation, ICP Mass Spec, Coulometric Karl Fischer titrators, FTIR, Flash point, particle size analyzation and standard wet bench chemistry.
Some of the more common issues we work with are: Particle Identification, Certifications to USP (United States Pharmacopeia), Asbestos Identification, Biological Oxygen Demand, Chemical Oxygen Demand, Process Water Analysis, Product Analysis, Competitor Comparisons, Plant and Engineering Problems, Environmental Concerns, Unknown Contaminants, Customers Complaints, Failure Analysis, Mold and Fungus Identification, Non Volatile Residue Analysis, Lead content in ceramic cups, plates etc.
Sound analytical protocols are at the heart of what we do everyday. We thrive on a spirit of innovation and leadership, which is the essential elements of our laboratory’s continued success in meeting the needs of those who place their trust in us. We also are very aware of the confidential nature of many situations.  Therefore no results are released to anyone without the written consent of the client. We realize the importance of our test results and the impact they have on our client’s well being. Our A+ Better Business Bureau rating speaks to our commitment to our client’s needs.