Ettie Lee Youth and Family Services mission to “Save Lives, Change Lives, and Build Hope” for children and families is manifest in its Treatment Foster Family/Adoptions Agency. We are a non-profit organization whose goal is to assist children in need of guidance, support, and positive reinforcement to develop qualities of character and value systems that will encourage and facilitate their success in life. ELYFS also seeks to assist the children’s families and caregivers to make significant contributions to each child’s success.

ELYFS’ Treatment Foster Family/Adoptions Agency is licensed to find safe, loving homes for abused, abandoned, and neglected children, and to provide these youngsters with the therapeutic and other support services they need to heal. In 2010, we had 76 children in the program of whom 39 were male and 37 were female. The average age was 9.1 years and the ethnic breakdown was 65 percent Latino, 13 percent African American, and 17 percent Caucasian. Our caseload includes the foster families, birth parents, siblings and others who are significant in each child’s life.

Children in foster care have to deal with many emotions. They can feel happy and secure in a loving foster family, but also sad and worried about their own parents. They might feel afraid, wondering what will happen next, or angry about the whole situation. All of this can make for a lot of stress.